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Sophisticated and Affordable
Wedding Dresses for Older Brides

Wedding Dress for older brides

Alternative Wedding Dresses and
Special Occasion Dresses
for Mature Ladies

Special Occasion Dresses

Designer Made to Measure Wedding Dresses

Adriana Cojocaru Wedding Dresses for older brides

Sophisticated yet affordable bridal and occasion wear
for ladies over 40

Sheque's mission is to provide bridal and occasion wear specifically for women who are over 40 and/or getting married not for the first time.

As we grow a little older our taste in fashion changes. We tend to go for more sophisticated outfits - longer dress lengths and more simplicity. Most of us feel we need to wear a bra. So frilly, revealing, strapless and backless dresses are out of the question for a lot of us. In fact we may not want to wear a typical wedding dress at all!

We have sourced an exclusive selection of outfits tailored for women over 40 that are sophisticated yet affordable. The majority of our dresses are from British designers as we feel that supporting our fashion industry is hugely important.

Enjoy perusing our store - please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

"The dress is amazing and I am extremely happy with it. It fits perfectly and I cannot wait to wear it on my wedding day."

Monique VDB

"I will be sure to use your site again.....Great service."

Alison B


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